SOCCERO is the football boardgame that delivers the most exciting and realistic football experience!

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The game consists of two players or managers moving the player figures and the ball on the game board using dice. The player who has scored more goals by the end of the game wins.The game is designed to serve the skilled and strategic mind - but just as in real football, luck can always bring an unexpected challenge!

The Basic Rules make it easy and fun to get into the game. Later the managers may choose to follow the EXTENDED RULES. The extended rules will add more realistic football features to the game turning it more challenging. The extended rules contain special situations such as goal kick, corner kick, throw-in, free kicks and penalty kick.

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Soccero has two previous versions designed also by Martti Ojalainen and Jarmo Kuitunen. In the year 2005 the earliest version was launched in Germany under the title "Die wilden Fussballkerle - Das dampfhammerharte Fussball-Spiel". The first version was oriented towards kids and teenagers. In the year 2007 the Finnish version of Soccero was released. This newer version was the official game for the Finland's national football team but it is mostly sold out. Unlike the Finnish version, the latest English/Spanish edition has a special kick die to determine the possible routes of the ball. The newest Soccero comes perfected by experience as well as ready to deliver exciting football experiences for you and your friends!